Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Calgary Bengal Tiger soccer club?

“Calgary Bengal tigers” (CBT) is a non profit community based soccer club in Calgary. CBT offering recreational, competitive and developmental soccer programs in the North East of the City. This soccer club is widely acknowledged as providing the highest quality soccer coaching & youth development programs with highly credential coaches, so that all participants are encouraged to reach their highest potential, as a result, previous years CBT’s League teams were awarded gold medal by CMSA & also awarded by the provincial league.

How to register my kids?

You can register online or in person.

  • click on registration tab enter
  • click on “sing up” as you have option for one or more kids to register
  • Please fill all information on the form
  • you can pay by Paypal or drop a check or cash to us to our address or meet us on our practice day on Sunday (indoor practice at Genesis centre or Outdoor practice at 223 Castleridge Blvd NE (prairie winds park)

How much is the registration fees?

We have 2 sessions - Indoor and outdoor. The indoor session starts from October to March and outdoor session starts from April to September.

  • For six month, the registration fee is $400 plus for one time $50 fees for game kids for the year.

What is included in game kids?
  • Club jersey
  • Shorts
  • Socks

What I need to buy?

You need to buy:

  • Shin guards (Pads)
  • indoor and outdoor soccer shoes

How many days in a week- my kids will practice?

In winter (indoor), every Sunday one hour practice with our certified coaches.

In summer (Outdoor), we have every Sunday for all age group and one more day in a week depending on the age group.

Can my kids joining the league game?

Yes, depending on their skills. We have tryout game before CMSA league game starts. It is completely on Coach Recommendation (depending on their skills and behaviour).

What is the contact method?

By phone:

  • Fazle Momen at 403-804-1747
  • Faiyaz at 403-554-6426

By email:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I volunteer?

Yes you can - please contact us for volunteer registration.

Do we have any information or parent’s session?

Yes, twice a year – beginning of the New Year and middle of the year in June or July. If you have any question or information to ask, you can contact any time with our administration.

How can I check game schedule?

You can visit our website and it will be on the home page.

Are we receiving email every time for schedule change?

No, you need to check our website before the game. Usually, we don’t change any schedule for practice but in case of emergency or any natural disaster, we might cancel the practice. We highly encourage you to check our website regularly.

Can I check the league game schedule directly from CMSA website?

Yes you can:

  1. go to CMSA website
  2. from the home page-go to the age tab
  3. select the “team” dropdown list from the left bar
  4. schedule will pop up

How can I complete the Waivers?

In order to participate in the league game, as a parent you need to complete your Waiver. You will receive an email for completing the Waiver. If you don’t complete your Waivers, your kids are ineligible to play the league game as this is the CMSA policy.